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I wanted to say thank you for your immeasurable honesty and expertise, when diagnosing my transmission problem on my 2003 Toyota RAV4 with 135,000 miles. After Rice Toyota told me my vehicle needed a new transmission at a cost of nearly $5K, I came to your shop to complete the work. Both you and your mechanics took it for multiple test drives, and assured me that it was not my transmission after all, and you believe it was my ECM. I can't thank enough Bill, for your complete honesty and your knowledgeable expertise. 
L. Mulcahy 

The best Christmas gift that I got this year, was when the men at Taylor Tire referred me to you, to get the shift cable on my car (Cadillac) replaced. They told me that you were the best place in this area to get that work done. Even though you had to order the part, as soon as it came in you went to work on my car. The job was finished in less time than you had said it would be. The final cost was much less than even your estimate had said it would be. Thank you. 
P. Stanford 
Greensboro, NC 

I would like to thank you for assisting my son in getting his truck back on the road. It makes it difficult when a problem occurs and he is in North Carolina and I am in Birmingham. It is nice to see there are still honest hard working people out there. Thanks again for the transmission service and I would recommend you to anyone that might need your service.
K. Atkinson 

Thank you for your outstanding honesty and integrity. I consider myself a fair shade-tree mechanic. I have been working on vehicles ever since I was a kid. In recent years I have restored and maintained numerous cars and trucks. Some months ago, I brought my '97 Lincoln in to your shop for what I thought was a transmission rebuild. Jim Cole an automotive shop manager and good friend highly recommended you. All the symptoms were there and I had no doubt that it was the transmission. When you test drove it, you told me immediately that the car needed ignition wires. I installed new wires as you recommended and it worked.
J. Gray 
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